One step at a time 

Ever since I had elah I have drastically lost weight. How? I have no idea. And most of you will probably say ” man she’s lucky” but it has been hard for me to keep my weight or even gain weight. It sounds silly I know for someone to say they can’t gain weight, because all you need to do is eat and eat, but Everyone is different and some will gain a few more pounds than previous to their pregnancy, but in my case I lost around 17 pounds. To give you a better idea before I got pregnant I weighed 115 and afterwards I weighed 98 pounds. The lowest I had ever been at that age. My mom would always tell me to eat more and I honestly would, but I would only gain 1 or 2 pounds but in a few weeks I would just loose those pounds. It has been a repetitive cycle ever since. A month and a half ago I started to eat more carbs. Tortilla, beans, pasta, bread you name it I was all over it, And I can honesty say it has been working. I currently weigh 105 pounds and my goal weight is 125 pounds. It’s a process, and it won’t come easy but I’m a step closer every time. 


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    1. Thank you so much! Ok be sure to check that video out! Yea I get what you mean it’s something I think about to. It’s like right now I wish I could gain a little more weight but I know later on I might say ” what the heck was I thinking lol” 😂

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    1. Sorry I meant to keep going, anyways, I now am more body conscious than what I was before. Everything I consume goes to my belly. I weigh 128. Before preg I was 120, always. And I ate really bad. So, I would truly double think what you want to do in regards to weight gain. If it’s genetics that your body is the way that it is then GO FOR IT. Gain some weight. But if it isn’t, remember that with age comes slow metabolisms. And trust me, even I wish my body was the way it was when I was 20. Ironic thing is that at age 20, I wanted more weight. But the weight I wanted was just more ass and legs. If it’s about becoming curvier, consider weight training with squats and weights. You’ll see results.


  1. There’s a liquid you can take, don’t know much about it, but it helps you gain the weight. I watched a YouTuber named Aaliyah swear by it. Let me try and find it again and I’ll post here again. 🌹


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