Do you ever feel like that one thing you’ve  always wanted will never happen. I do. All my life I have been insecure about my teeth. I’ve never been comfortable to smile and laugh withought covering them with my hand. It sucks because it gives me low self esteem all the time. I can’t have a conversation with someone withought thinking ” oh man I’m sure they are looking right at my teeth & how ugly they are”. 

It’s been a roller coaster threw out the years trying to get braces. Medicade denied my request for braces 2 times when I was younger because they didn’t take 5 month cases. ( I have no idea what they meant) but I did know that my only option was to pay in full for them myself.

Now that I’m older I have grown tired of hiding. I want to be able to laugh, talk and most importantly smile withought the need to cover my face. 

I’ve set up a conciltation for tomorrow & I truly hope everything goes well.  Maybe if god allows it I will be a brace face lol. And I won’t mind it at all because I know it will be worth it in the end. 


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  1. Also, I used to live in Texas. A small town named McAllen TX and I would travel aaaalot to Mexico for medical appointments. They have bomb doctors. You can always try that route being that it’s muuuuuch cheaper. But def do research!

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  2. Have you heard of invisilign? I had a very close friend of the family who had crooked teeth and her teeth were perfect at 8 months. You wear a retainer for some time after, i believe. I know she did. That’s a good ways to go. I wanted them about two years ago and my dentist at that time was having a special of 200 off. Two years ago they were about 846.00. So it was a steal but I didn’t go through it. My little one was almost 1 and I preferred to invest in her. #momsacrifices 😒

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    1. Yea I have actually I love the fact that you can barely even tell you have the retainer on! I did hear that it was a little more expensive tho not so sure how much but I had to re schedule my appointment till next week so I won’t know for sure how much but it will be for sure something I will think about doing instead of traditional. Yea and I wish I wouldn’t of hold off on fixing my teeth till now but hopefully the payments are flexible lol fingers crossed I won’t need them for long! And a lot of my family members tell me to go to Mexico and get them but I don’t think I will have the time to always be going back forth 😕

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