Late Secret Santa 🎉

Every year me and my 3 best friends do a secret Santa, but it has seem to be a custume now that we have it way after Christmas lol. Which I don’t mind tbh, because who doesn’t want to open presents again in the mids of January?

This year my secret Santa was my good friend Athziri 🤘🏻 and she honestly nailed it! I mean look at that awesome hand made bow and box rapping lol 🙌🏼


>Everyone that knows me well definitely knows my obsession over trees. Trees have always been my favorite! If trees were considered flowers than they would be my favorite flower. There’s just so unpredictable in apperance and so mysterious. There is no better word to describe their beauty than “alluring”. 


> scarves have became one of my favorite things to wear, and this scarf is perfect for an extra pop of color 😝 lol (disclosure: not a fashion expert) 


> boho style jewelry is so pretty to me. They just have so much detail to them! Even tho I have a tendency of misplacing my jewelry il make sure to keep these in a safe place. For sure going to wear these a lot👌🏼


>Anything that has to do with earthbound I’m all for it! And this tote bag is so cool il sure make good use of it 👍🏼


> I’m defenetly not a makeup guru, but I still like to spunk it up with eyeshadow once in a while! And this pallet is perfect for me because it has lots of pretty nude colors! Can’t wait to use it 🙌🏼 


Paint ball…..

> Paint balling has been something I have been wanting to try, but today I decided to sit back and be a spectator lol. Even tho I didn’t get to experience that adrenaline rush I still managed to have some laughs. 
> and seeing my sister Inlaw (vale) avoid getting shot at was very entertaining lol. 

> I even got a chance to practice!  

Il for sure be ready for when me and my friends go 😝


Everytime I thrift shop I come across many awesome scarves.Infinity,  squared,traditional long scarves etc. But this particular scarf catched my attenchen. It had such a nice floral pattern to it and the color scheme made it even more beautiful. I just couldn’t pass it up! I wanted to incorporate it in many of my outfits, but I also didn’t want to wear it the same way all the time. It just gets to boring; you know what I mean? So of course I went on Pinterest! And found so many different ways to wear scarves, and i’d like to share my 3 favorite with you guys!



3. BRAIDED HEAD SCARF (all time fave)

     ~ Thrifting ~

     Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. Near my home there is a goodwill outlet, and the cool thing about this goodwill is that things are priced by how much it weighs. For example 1 pound is 1.59 and so on and so forth. Today I got this big bag full of good clothes for $9.33 which to me is AWESOME!. People who know me know that I love to shop in general, and what better place to shop then at thrift stores . Not to mention it’s affordable, Eco-friendly and way more exciting then regular shopping, because you never know what you will find ✨

Once you start thrifting you will never see traditional retail stores the same way again!! 

 ~Someone Your Not~


 Yes it’s nice to change your habbits, style and hobbies up for a while, but you will always go back to your true self. Because you are good enough. Everyone is unique and that’s the beauty of getting to know others. 

“You will always be too much of something to somone: too big, to loud, to soft, too edgy. If you round out the edges, you lose your edge”


!! New Years !!


Every new year we make a resolution, and to be honest by the time March comes I forget what I even said I was going to do. Sad I know. This year however, I realized that it’s not about making a resolution for yourself, but setting a goal that doesn’t necessarily have to be met by the end of the following year. Everything takes time and rushing will only stress me out even more.  

This time of year is the most important in my opinion. It’s when we get to enjoy the company of our families. Remembering the crazy things I did with my cousins, sister, friends etc. Even tho we talk about he same memories they don’t seem to get old. Lol. It just makes me very happy 🙂 


  ” Families are like branches on a tree 

       We grow in different directions 

         Yet our roots remain as one.”

Texas weather

Y’all Texas has some crazy weather! This past Saturday was insanely cold. The type of weather where you want to layer sweaters lol . Coming Sunday it was 20 degrees warmer so it was good enough to wear a light sweater or even a blanket scarf like I am here. Elah really enjoys going outside and even tho it wasn’t for long she was able to walk arround with ought freezing! Will make sure to take advantage of these types of days when they come around again. 👍🏼

Life Time Lovers 


~November the 5th ~


Roughly 6 years ago..(might be wrong) my lovely sister and her now husband started to date, and in my family ……. Well let’s just say he was practically dating two sisters. (Me).

why you ask? Well our parents mindsets are based strongly on the Mexican traditional ways.

I am the middle child in my family and that meant I was more likely to accompany my older sisters to any place they would go to with there boyfriends. To keep an eye on them of course and To be very honest I didn’t mind it so much. Once we would get home my parents were ready to ask about what we did and it eventually became a drill.

So I guess you can say I was part of there relationship lol. When my sister had ups and downs I had ups and downs, and if it  meant  going to chili’s ever weekend when she was down I was all for it 👌🏼. There was never a doubt in my mind that they would both end up together forever.

As she walked down the aisle I couldn’t help but remember everything they both went through for that very moment. They both deserved each other’s love and you couldn’t help but feel how special it was for them to finally commit to that love.

He became her rock, and she became his everything.

A Heart Full of Wonder 

I would like you guys to meet my 2 year old daughter Elah. She came as a wonderful but also scary surprise when I was just 18 years old. Yes, I was very young at the time but there was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t love her unconditionally.  The labor, the back pains, the all nighters; she was worth it all.

I sometimes catch myself looking at her while she plays and thinking to myself how fortunate I am to have had the chance to meet such a beautiful soul like hers.

It blows my mind to think that she was the tiny human I talked to every day and night. She was always there  when I needed to be listened to with ought judgement. She knew who I was even before she took her first breath.

She is and will always be my best friend.