A little something from last week 🍄

I Love you to the moon and back a trillion times 🌙


Flowers for the soul 

And then I get nervous in front of the camera…..

Baby your a firework 

To me Nothing is better than seeing Elah laugh and play, and learn new things everyday. Not only her, but she also teaches me things like how to be patient. She is just full of life, it’s contagious ❤️

DIY mom jeans 

So I got lucky and found these really nice mom jeans at the thrift. It’s very rare when I find jeans that fit me. When I tried them on they were to long for me since I’m 5’2 I had to trim them a few inches. 

I also decided to make them a lighter blue. Originally they were a dark blue color that most 90s jeans were, but I thought it would look better with clothes if it was a light wash jean. 

Original look 👇🏼

Bucket • bleach • measuring cup 👇🏼

Soaked for 30 min 👇🏼 


Final result 👇🏼

Outfit 👇🏼

Short hair don’t care 

I have recently changed my hair “look”; drastically I might add.

But surprisingly I don’t regret it at all! Usually i tell myself ” man what was I thinking” but this time it felt like the best thing ever. 

For a long long time I had a color in mind that I liked, but was afraid of actually dying it that color (ash brown). However a week ago I said “what the heck!” Lol and went ahead and did it, and on top of that I chopped off a lot of my hair into a very short length. 

I honestly feel so free and weightless if you know what I mean. 

It’s safe to say that Risky was the way to go 😄

Happy camper 

5$ bralettes at Victoria secret!! 🙌🏻  let me tell you I was definitely in desperate need of new bras! 😅 the sale was perfect timing 

New to the Sweet tooth 

Tried this new pastry today. I Always get the same old conchas or maranitos ( Mexican bread) but this time this beauty caught my attention 👀. It was very good actually, but there was no way I could finish it all!